about the maker, cathy conn

i was always crafting things as a child, whether i was using puffy paints, stamps, construction paper or glue.  as i got older, i realized how much i still loved being creative and that transformed into decorating my own spaces.  a move to iowa in 2017 and decorating a new home found me making something for myself that was too expensive in the store.  little did i know this interest would blossom into a creative business in my garage.  it has always been a dream of mine to craft something unique and share it with others.

this business was also created out of seeing a need for home decor that is versatile and could be easily updated, changed and re-used for different seasons, holidays or moods.  i love the look and feel that natural wood brings to a space. 


all of the pallet wood i use is reclaimed, so no two pieces are alike.  each pallet board piece is made from a reclaimed pallet that is taken apart, sanded, cleaned, stained, then put together into these beautiful pieces.  faux floral, greenery, mason jars and lights are some examples of mediums that are used in the creation of these pieces as well.   faux floral and greenery is used so that you can easily swap them out for different seasons, holidays or moods!  or, add something else you'd like to display on the board.  the possibilities are endless!  there is much more to come so please continue to check back!  thank you for your interest!

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